How It Started

It has been a passion since youth to pursue waterfowl for the two founding partners of 737 Duck Calls. This passion has evolved into more than just “pulling the trigger” or “taking a limit”. Habitat management has become a year-round addiction, always trying to entice as many ducks as possible into managed habitats.

Along with this progression came the urge to handcraft a duck call with a unique sound all to its own. One that would help enable fellow hunters to persuade their quarry into close gunning range. After countless garage hours working on the lathe; the “perfect” insert and design were developed.

The mission of 737 Duck Calls is to produce the highest quality product possible; to construct an invaluable tool for the waterfowl hunting enthusiast, and to provide constant exceptional customer service.

It's a Lifestyle

737 lives and breathes waterfowl hunting. It's more than a hobby, it's a lifestyle that we are passionate about. That is why we developed game calls that will give every hunter an edge while they're out on the water.


The Origin of 737

In late 2012, one of the two founding partners purchased a tract of river bottom land with a plan of developing it into managed wetlands.  

After much thought and effort, a nickname for this new property was not easily determined. The tract was surveyed at 737 acres, which was slightly different than originally expected.  

This led to calling it “the 737.” The name seemed to stick. The “737 Duck Club” was established in the fall of 2014 on the property.

When searching for a name for the new call company, “737” always seemed very fitting as well as unique. This is how the “737 Duck Calls” name came to be.

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Our Hunts

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