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SKU: 2952079

Nitro Goose Call

The 737 NITRO Canada Goose call offers a style based on the design, shape, and size of the popular 737 Duck Calls. It is an easy-to-blow, extremely responsive short reed call that features a broken-in guts system. The NITRO is a very versatile call that offers beginners to experienced callers the ability to achieve nasty lower-end clucks all the way up to high-volume Canada goose chatter. Like all 737 calls, the NITRO is hand-tuned and features a lifetime warranty. 

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Vendor 737 Duck Calls
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Alex Hurst
Goose Nitro Call

Looking for a call to get those geese to drop from the sky like bombs? This is the call you’re looking for. This call is smooth, easy to use, and makes you look real good out in the blind wearing it 👌. I’m telling you, you won’t find a better call than this 737 Nitro

Larry Ashley
Bad Day for the Geese

This call is absolutely insane can perform all the sounds to fool even the pressured geese to come right on in to their final destination.

Nitro goose call

Everything 737 makes is amazing

Bailey Zullinger
Love the nitro!

Easiest call to break over by far, I’m a semi beginner, and it was no problem picking it up!


Great quality and customer service